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Atmosound: A Construction Story
A Minimalist Philosophy
Strategic Planning for the Small Studio
Movie Making in China
Digital Stereo Recording of Traditional Malaysian Musical Instruments
Current Trends in Media Education
Service Learning
Media and Music in Malaysia (Book Chapter)
Malaysian Media and Politics
The Status of Media Education in the U.S.
Intellectual Property Rights in the Arts
A Primer for the Student of Electronic Media
Junior Norman - African American Talent Meets Hillbilly Genre
The Democratization of Audio Media
Oral History in the Digital Age
Oral History in the Digital Age (JOME)
Assessing the Effective of Radio Advertising for Reaching Teen College Prospects


The Twin City Opera House
Letters From Malaysia
Fundamentals of Audio Production


Remembering Grandma Rachel
An Obituary for Ulysses, the Sound Cat
Daylight Savings Time
Carry-on Bags
Parking Meters
Campaign Finance
Campaign Finance (Times Recorder)
Morgan County Does Not Need Empty Buildings
Become an Oral Historian
Network Neutrality
Where Are the Jobs?
On-demand Media


The Walker Garage Explosion of 1914*
Great-grandpa Ulysses' Cob Mill
Rick Shriver's Resume

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