The Walker Garage Explosion

Sunday, August 16, 1914

The following are the articles printed in the McConnelsville Herald, The Daily Herald, and the Morgan County Democrat in August 1914. The articles describe in vivid detail the tragic events of the explosion at the Walker Garage in McConnelsville, Ohio. The explosion occurred on Sunday, August 16, 1914. The articles have been transcribed verbatim from the archived copies of the newspapers. Every effort was made to make these transcriptions as accurate as possible, including emulating the typefaces used in the original newspapers. Some of the photos appeared in the newspapers along with the account. Attached are also an editorial which appeared in the Morgan County Democrat and a poem by James Ball Naylor, which appeared in the Herald.



McConnelsville Herald Article

Morgan County Democrat Article - 1

Morgan County Democrat Article - 2

The Enchained Spirit

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Interior of the Walker Garage. In the front is the drum from which the death dealing forces emanated. (Morgan County Democrat)


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